Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walking The Streets - NYC

This is a wonderful little brunch place in TriBeCa - perfect for a Sunday morning waffle with strawberries. Parking in NYC on Sunday (before noon) is usually simple and you don't have to feed the meters.

In the Village, Caffe Reggio was one of the original coffee houses and a hang out for the early "beats". JFK once made a speech here on his way to becoming President. It could be called "Starbucks V 1.0".

Jesus saves, but Moses invests!

If you have a need and a few bucks, NYC has a deal for you. look at these prices. And, no doubt, you can haggle a bit to improve even the best prices - or at least avoid the sales tax.

The corner grocery always has fresh fruit and flowers for sale. The play of light makes them even more appealing. Of course, only the foolish would eat a peach without washing.

The perfect NYC get around (after shanks mare). A Vespa with chain about the size of the Andrea Doria's anchor line. The pale blue paint is so retro.

The perfect street food - Pizza - like Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect from the spray can crowd.

Not the first to get the idea for this shot and certainly not the last.

I can't imaging what surgery was like in the 1890's. The walls could tell tales that would keep medical phobics like me awake for days.

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