Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Play of Light

The City is filled with sights and sounds. Early mornings are quiet and the streets are empty. Being alone in a crowd is rare anywhere - in NYC, it's a treasure.

As I walk the streets, I look for moments of quiet beauty - how the light reflects. How textures create shadows. How colors become warm or cold or surreal.

Even the wares of a corner bodega take on a new life when bathed in beautiful light.

Once, on a walking tour, our guide advised to "always look up". The City has surprises at every turn and rewards the curious with small gifts.

While this is a faux French eatery - the decor hand picked to transform this corner of the Meat Packing district into a bistro-like experience, the colors - paint, pastels and frosted glass - look even better in Sunday Brunch light.

I call this hunting with a camera and find morning light the best time for me.

These old ads - fading by the day - remind the viewer that we live in an ever-changing world. But not necessarily better...

In the morning I look for subtle colors and strong side light - these ordinary apartment windows caught my eye.   

Even in soft light, stark colors can make their presence felt.

Sunday mornings in good light. Armed with only a camera and a comfortable pair of shoes, life can be exciting.

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