Thursday, February 26, 2015

Zone 1 Tech Tactics - Photography Presentation

I was invited to do a presentation at the 2015 Zone 1 PCA Tech-Tactics This weekend

The picture below was selected by PCA as the "Photo of the Month" and will be part of my show. 

I'll be talking about technique, composition, lighting and safety.

I will cover "salon" images 

Head shots of famous people

And on track action...

Wish me luck! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

NYC Marathon Memories
Mile 24

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Halloween Greenwich Village Style

Each year, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade brings out creative and interesting people.

Cleopatra and consort

A pretty scary dude


Frankenstein being politically incorrect

Howling good fun

Coordinated costumes 

Really not sure the message

The beautiful people 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park, NY

To celebrate Pat's childhood friend's birthday, we went to the CIA in Hyde Park, NY for an Italian lunch.

We had to navigate the large campus to find our restaurant - they have 4. But the maps are easy to figure out, even without a GPS.

We should have just followed these guys!

The Italian restaurant is a stand-alone building painted in the warm tones of Tuscany.

I love the sign, 4 forks. You know there is good food inside...

After our 3 course lunch, we walked around to see the other restaurants.

French, American and a bakery cafe offer a full menu of cuisine choices. 

It was great to see the students at work.

As you walked the halls, you definitely got a "Hogwarts" / Harry Potter feel...

CIA - definitely worth a trip for a mid-week summer lunch. Make reservations on line and come hungry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walking Tour - NYC - Hunting With a Camera

I was headed to a camera class at Calumet but couldn't pass up the chance to shoot street scenes with my trusty Canon G11.

This is one of NYC's coolest new book book stores. Three Lives in Greenwich Village.

Like the new food safety signs, Three Lives has invented one of their own - clever! 

As a shoe geek, I saw these in a boutique window and wondered what it would be like to step in dog crap in these $400 bad boys.

Probably painted jolly ollie orange so they could be spotted easily when they get stolen.

These dummies have duct tape hair... Go Figyah! 

Just one of the remarkable details always waiting for the observant in NYC.

Patchin Place - AKA - "The Patch" - Google it. It is one of those secret places in NYC - rich with history.

Around the corner from "The Patch" is Milligan Place - Use the Google on the Internets for more information...

The secret to NYC? Look Up! 

But you can look down too.

Art in the park...

I managed to work up an hearty appetite so I stopped by Mary's Fish Camp for a quick meal. This is a fried clam sandwich and bucket-o-fries. I wanted a lobster roll sandwich but the price was $30! 
Geeze Louise - too rich for my pocket book.