Thursday, August 18, 2011

Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park, NY

To celebrate Pat's childhood friend's birthday, we went to the CIA in Hyde Park, NY for an Italian lunch.

We had to navigate the large campus to find our restaurant - they have 4. But the maps are easy to figure out, even without a GPS.

We should have just followed these guys!

The Italian restaurant is a stand-alone building painted in the warm tones of Tuscany.

I love the sign, 4 forks. You know there is good food inside...

After our 3 course lunch, we walked around to see the other restaurants.

French, American and a bakery cafe offer a full menu of cuisine choices. 

It was great to see the students at work.

As you walked the halls, you definitely got a "Hogwarts" / Harry Potter feel...

CIA - definitely worth a trip for a mid-week summer lunch. Make reservations on line and come hungry.

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