Monday, March 21, 2011

Arthur Avenue - the real Little Italy - or so that say

It was a beautiful Sunday in my part of the North East so I decided to check out Arthur Avenue - 
The real Little Italy

My first stop was Tito's - real Italian Deli. When I walked in, the stereo was playing Volare'...
I sung along as I shopped for some serious Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - $16
Not their best but better that what they have at the A&P 

There were lots of food vendors along the surprisingly small street
Here is a candy that will pull your fillings out.

The proximity of Yankee Stadium is not lost on the residents

Look closely, you'll see Italian celebrities on the menu
If Mario Batali eats here, the food has to be good, right?

These made in China Italian souvenirs should help you appreciate real Italian culture 

I guess this just about sums up the true Arthur Avenue attitude

I went on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I imagine that Saturday would be more populated...

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