Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lobster in the Rough

Along the Northeast coast, there are wonderful Lobster pounds - places to get a fix on these fishy dishes while watching boats and gulls. Abbott's is our favorite place. 

Stuck out on a finger of land in the Atlantic, it's located in nearly invisible Noank CT. A few miles away from more famous Mystic.   

The reason we go - hot lobster roll sandwiches. Not cheap but really quite good.

They, of course, also have the yummy shore dinner.

And what's a shore attraction without kitch and t-shirts?

Belly up to the bar and place your order

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The view of the water adds to the experience.

Some folks even have room for dessert.

The best way to eat - facing the water and noshing on lobster.  

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